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Faery Special Romances

Ten Faery Special Tales
by Jacquie Rogers

Author's royalties will be donated to the Children's Tumor Foundation, ending Neurofibromatosis through research.

Brilliantly magical! Ms. Rogers' special brand of humor and imagination will have you believing in faeries from page one. Absolutely enchanting!
- Dawn Thompson, author of The Ravencliff Bride and The Waterlord -

Once Upon A Time, the faery princess Keely tried to match . . .

. . . a misguided faery maiden and a surly but handsome knight, the pirate Devlin Angell and the ever-hopeful Myra, a faery under the ruse of Lord Kembell and a lady of nobel birth, a blacksmith and a duchess, a flapper and a barnstormer pilot . . .

But can Keely keep her own heart?

With faery magic, anything can happen!

This enchanted carpet-ride features ten romantic faery tales, ten happy couples, and a journey through history with Keely, who grows from a kindergartener to a beautiful young faery woman.

With deft skill and her trademark wicked sense of humor, Ms. Rogers whisks you away to a place where anything can happen- especially when faeries are involved.

I've started reading Faery Special Romances and from page one it's a hoot - This book will warm your heart and have you laughing out loud.

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Romance through the Ages...
...with a Magical twist.

by Jacquie Rogers

May 2007, Highland Press
ISBN 0-9746249-9-3
ISBN13: 978-09746.24990
Available Worldwide

Table of Contents

We begin in Medieval England in 1199, when Keely is a mischievious child in Faery Kindergarten...

The Faery Shaylah is on a Queen's Quest-- she must lead the human Sir Darian to true love. But will she sacrifice her own heart for him? Or will Keely save the day?

In Shakespeare's England in 1599, Keely is a precocious 12-year old (in Faery years)...

Caedmon, Chief of Portal Police, isn't the sort of man to woo a woman. Gracie isn't the sort of woman to fall into the arms of just any man. Will Caedmon comply with the Queen's request (and Keely's conniving) that he woo and marry Gracie?

In the Caribbean in 1655, Keely is a budding teenager on her first assignment as a Faery Godmother...

Myra always wanted a faery godmother but she wasn't expecting a teenage one! Can Keely help Myra find her heart's desire? Or will the pirate Captiain Devlin Angel get in her way?

Faery teenager Keely is at the Festival of Lughnasadh in 1750...

Keely's best friend Rhionne must find Lugh and fill her womb with his seed to avert famine and pestulance. Will Duncan Fletcher help, or hinder?

Keely enters Faery womanhood in 1815 Regency England...

Gryffyn is in the Human World during the Regency because he wants to prove that he can make it a better place through improved optics. But he falls for Miss Effie, who is betrothed to a duke. Keely is convinced her friend Betrys is the woman for Gryffyn. Can he and Effie overcome Keely's matchmaking and live Happily Ever After?

As a slightly naughty young woman in 1850s New Orleans, Keely is beginning to get her full Faery wings...

Nearly dead, Dillon falls through the Portal to the Faery World, where Gwennyth sacrifices her most precious power to bring him back to life. Can Keely get Dillon to mate with Gwennyth so she can keep her healing powers?

In the wild wild west of 1885 Idaho, Keely is up to more tricks...

The faery Kegan has fled the Faery world to avoid a mating with a woman he can't abide. He's in the Human world and plans to stay there, and has built a nice blacksmith business in the Old West. But when the duchess rolls into town, Kegan is trapped again. Can Keely resolve the mess so everyone lives happily ever after?

Faery flapper Keely plays matchmaker in the Roaring 20s...

Kelly convinces Jazzy, a speakeasy singer, that Blair is her true mate. But barnstormer pilot Quinn doesn't think so. Only a hammerhead roll will tell...and Keely's magic.

In Homedale, Idaho in 1968, Keely has the perfect mate for the Tooth Faery...

Sean, the Region 16 Tooth Faery and the town dentist, is smitten with widow Candi when she brings her little girl in for a checkup. Can Sean turn his back on all those little children who are expecting money for their teeth, and marry the woman he truly loves?

In the far future after the Frozen Time, fully grown and sassy Keely now runs a travel service...

Keely has had advice for everyone else, but who knows what will happen when a man-- a human man, no less-- comes wooing her? Is all really fair in love and travel, even for Faeries?

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