Great Books - 99 CENTS - Dec. 20 & 21 only

99¢ Christmas Stories
by Western Authors
99¢ Fantasy Stories
by Western Authors
Savage Blood by James Reasoner Wanted (A Transported Through Time book) by Amber Scott The Hallam Collection (4 western/mystery stories) by L.J. Washburn Rush to Destiny by L.J. Martin Blackwell's Star (The Blackwells) by Troy Smith
Much Ado About Marshals (Hearts of Owyhee #1) by Jacquie Rogers Scarlet Ribbons by Chery Pierson The Peacemakers by Western Fictioneers - Troy D. Smith, Rod Miller, Larry Jay Martin, L. J. Washburn Outlaw (A Wesley Quaid novella) by Matthew Pizzolato Blackwell's Run (The Blackwells) by Troy Smith
Wind River (1st book in a 7 book series) by James Reasoner and L.J. Washburn Mending Fences by Livia Reasoner Homecoming by Chery Pierson Wild Night by L.J. Washburn A Night for Miracles by Cheryl Pierson
Meant to Be by Cheryl Pierson The Wanted Man (Wesley Quaid short story collection) by Matthew Pizzolato Vulture Gold by Chuck Tyrell Much Ado About Madams by Jacquie Rogers The Prodigal by Chuck Tyrell

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